Art in Hats 2015

Hold onto your hats, Art in Hats 2015 preparations are underway.

Art in Hats 2015 (of Art in Hats – Hats in Art) has announced the event dates of the event, the chosen charity for the event, bloggers and open registration for this year’s event.

Event coordinators have released the dates of the event to be held this year as November 4th through the 14th. The event will be packed with entertainment, styling, parties and, of course, hats and art! It promises to be an event not to be missed. Last year’s event was the single largest display of hats in Second Life to date. The plans for this year are hoping to match the uniqueness of last year.

This year’s chosen charity to benefit is Team Diabetes of Second Life – a group that is working to raise awareness of diabetes, increase education regarding diabetes and help fund diabetes research.

Bloggers for this year have been announced as well. The list of official Art in Hats bloggers can be found on the website at The name of each website in the form of a link to the website are found on the Blog Roll page. Bloggers will carry news, updates and reviews of the event, event entertainment, and of course, of the hats and photographs!

The What’s Happening page on the website contains a list of planned entertainment, shows, and contests as well as a calendar view of the events.

Registration is still open for photographers and artists as well as designers / creators to take part in the event. Entertainers and bloggers may also still apply to take part in the fun. However, the clock is ticking, officials of the event recommend submitting applications at the earliest convenience to avoid last minute delays.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Emma Portilo, Art in Hats Coordinator in world, through the contact form on the website or by email at


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