International Love

You can’t catch me, boy (can’t catch me, boy) I’m overseas at about a hundred G’s for sure Don’t test me, boy (don’t test me, boy) Cause I rap with the best for sure 305 till the death of me Cremate my body and let the ocean have what’s left of me Pitbull – Lyrics … More International Love

Slang From The Past

A few phrases from the 1960’s:   A Gas  –   a lot of fun   Bag (noun)  –  someone’s deal, could be their hobby or job   Chinese Fire Drill   –   fun at a stoplight, everybody gets out of the car and switches sides   Full of It   –  someone who is incorrect or outright … More Slang From The Past

Lego House

I’m gonna pick up the pieces,   And build a Lego house   If things go wrong we can knock it down   My three words have two meanings,   There’s one thing on my mind   It’s all for you   Ed Sheeran OUTFIT:  [Liv Glam]KC Sp14 Lego House Maxi Dress SHOES:  Essenz – … More Lego House

Hit The Freeway

All I can say   Take away my lonely one   Nothin’ else can be done   (So hit the freeway)   I don’t ever wanna see you again   You didn’t do me right, so   So long, goodbye, goodbye (So hit the freeway)   Maybe in some other life, I’ll see you again … More Hit The Freeway