Classical Vintage

Female stars of the 40’s had the greatest styles.   Greer Garson for her class.   Bette Davis for her strength.   Ginger Rogers for her grace.   Barbara Stanwyck for her moxie. Lauren Bacall for her sex appeal.   Katharine Hepburn for her intelligence.   Women to be admired and emulated. OUTFIT:  Maitreya Vintage … More Classical Vintage

Nature’s Bride

Love should be pure and simple. You should be loved for who you are – faults and all. Love your partner for who they are – faults and all. Don’t look for problems – life supplies plenty. Say “I love you’ every day and mean it. K.I.S.S. — Keep It Simple Sweetheart OUTFIT:  *COCO*_LaceDress_White @ … More Nature’s Bride

A New Age

Our past is our future. We must learn from our mistakes. We must grow as individuals and as a society. We must not be blind to the suffering of others. We must be strong, but at the same time yielding. Hatred must be buried behind us as we look forward. Our future is a New … More A New Age

Sing A Song Of Light

Notes dance around me Light to ease my steps Sorrowful to fill my soul Pounding to strengthen my heart Soft to capture my breath Dancing to reflect the light shining in my eyes OUTFIT:  *Living Imagination* Song of Light @ Coutuier’s Dock SHOES:  Slink Hera Wrap Heel Black ACCESSORIES:  *Connors* TUNIC CAMISOLE BEIGE -SCARF (Modified) … More Sing A Song Of Light