Cityfied Country Girl

Sometimes a girl has to slip into her favorite jeans. Grab a comfy tee and loose shirt and those flat shoes she’s had for years, And just spend a day in the country. Kick back and relax. Smell the flowers. Listen to the birds sing. Just when I feel completely relaxed. My boyfriend calls and … More Cityfied Country Girl

Ode To Shakespeare

All the World is a stage,   And all the women merely fashionistas.   To wear or not to wear, that is the question.   Whether it is nobler in the mind,   To suffer the lag and crowds,   In a newly opened fashion event.   Or take another landmark in a sea of … More Ode To Shakespeare

Couch Potato

Here I am on a Saturday night.  What shall I do? Surround myself with my favorite comfort foods? Spend a little time surfing the Internet? Catch up on a little reading? Chat with friends? How will I spend my Saturday night … Me, the cat and the TV. CREDITS PANTS:  e! Kira Pants @ FaMESHed TOP:  e! … More Couch Potato

Serengeti Calls

Wind sweeps across the open plains. Tall grass breathes a sigh of relief. Birds fly from tree to tree, looking for home. Suddenly, all is still. The Lion calls out for its mate. OUTFIT:  Prism Imani by Journey – Botswana FEET:  **NOYA** Tip Toe Bare FEET JEWELRY:  [MANDALA] 777 Necklace & Earrings SKIN:  -Belleza- Shyla … More Serengeti Calls