Cityfied Country Girl

Sometimes a girl has to slip into her favorite jeans. Grab a comfy tee and loose shirt and those flat shoes she’s had for years, And just spend a day in the country. Kick back and relax. Smell the flowers. Listen to the birds sing. Just when I feel completely relaxed. My boyfriend calls and … More Cityfied Country Girl

Ode To Shakespeare

All the World is a stage,   And all the women merely fashionistas.   To wear or not to wear, that is the question.   Whether it is nobler in the mind,   To suffer the lag and crowds,   In a newly opened fashion event.   Or take another landmark in a sea of … More Ode To Shakespeare

Couch Potato

Here I am on a Saturday night.  What shall I do? Surround myself with my favorite comfort foods? Spend a little time surfing the Internet? Catch up on a little reading? Chat with friends? How will I spend my Saturday night … Me, the cat and the TV. CREDITS PANTS:  e! Kira Pants @ FaMESHed TOP:  e! … More Couch Potato

Serengeti Calls

Wind sweeps across the open plains. Tall grass breathes a sigh of relief. Birds fly from tree to tree, looking for home. Suddenly, all is still. The Lion calls out for its mate. OUTFIT:  Prism Imani by Journey – Botswana FEET:  **NOYA** Tip Toe Bare FEET JEWELRY:  [MANDALA] 777 Necklace & Earrings SKIN:  -Belleza- Shyla … More Serengeti Calls

Light My Fire

Firefly, light my way, So I may reach another day. Firefly, guide me true, So I can find a path anew. Firefly, come to me, So I can share your brightness for all to see. OUTFIT:  Prism Chelsea by Journey in Firefly 2 SHOES:  Similar Siracusa Shoes 9Tex JEWELRY:   [MANDALA] 777 Necklace & Earrings SKIN:  –Belleza- … More Light My Fire

When Summer Falls Away

When Summer Falls Away. Time brings change. Soon the leaves will turn. The air will cool. Animals gather food stores. Nature prepares itself for winter. Time to put away our Summer clothes. A new season approaches. CREDITS JACKET:  AITUI CLOTHING FACTORY – Night Walker – Grey @ FaMESHed PANTS:  Izzie’s – Tweed Pants blue BOOTS:  … More When Summer Falls Away

Paradise Found

Paradise Found Time for a Summer vacation. What better place than a tropical paradise. Clear blue water. Warm, sun-filled days.  Cool, moonlit nights. Exotic, fragrant flowers. Gentle waves kissing white, sandy beaches. And I wake up. CREDITS TOP:  Baiastice_Mjrie top @ FaMESHed SKIRT:  Baiastice_Yse maxi skirt @ FaMESHed SHOES:  E-Clipse G-!nspiration JEWELRY:  Mandala – White/purple … More Paradise Found

A Day Of Shopping

A Day Of Shopping There is nothing better than a day of shopping. Discovering that new outfit that makes your body sing when you wear it. That pair of shoes that makes you dance around the store with joy. A pair of earrings that perfectly frame your face as the sparkle in the sun. Finding … More A Day Of Shopping